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Beam Test Facility @ Frascati

Electrons and Positrons at the Beam Test Facility (BTF)

Irradiation facility for detector calibration/test and for irradiation of samples with a pulsed electron (or positron) beams in a wide range of beam parameters (in term of energy and intensity).  

Technical means

The particles are extracted from the DAFNE LINAC and are transported into a dedicated test area (Beam Test Facility-BTF). Energies of electrons from 30 to 700 MeV and energies of positrons from 25 to 500 MeV can be achieved with repetition rate up to 50 Hz. The intensities of the particle beam can be selected from single particle up to 1010 electrons per shot or 105 positrons per shot.

BTF experimental hall

Achievements, related projects

Calibration and test of several detectors and calorimeters. As example, recently: PADME, SIDDARTHA, IMCP, CALOCUBE, NITEC, CLUCOUNT, MONDO, MIMOSA e chip ALPIDE for detector ALICE, MU2E, BELLE-2. Satellite systems calibration: as example CSES LIMADOU of ASI-CNFA, AGILE. Irradiation of samples for experiment EGII, MORAD,

Technical steps, expertise

Installation of detector or samples to be irradiated according to the standards of the BTF system. Interface setup for data acquisition. Irradiation/calibration/data acquisition. Disassembly of the experimental apparatus.



LNF-INFN, Via E. Fermi 40 00044 Frascati (Rome, Italy).


Support form LNF-INFN scientific and technical personnel for setup installation, data acquisition, data elaboration.


Website: Paolo Valente Bruno Buonomo