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Vacuum Furnace @ Frascati

Vacuum Furnace (Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Rome)

Furnace for vacuum brazing of components for particle accelerators.

Technical means

The platform is equipped with a vacuum furnace for vertical brazing. The heating resistors are in molybdenum while pumping is performed by a turbomulecular pump. The available space for brazing is 800 mm (height) and 400 mm (diameter). Temperature up to 1000 degree can be reached.

Vacuum furnace at LNF

Achievements, related projects

In the furnace the following particle accelerators devices have been recently brazed: RF deflectors for SPARC, PSI and FERMI@Elettra and C band structures for the SPARC_LAB Energy upgrade.

Technical steps, expertise

Construction/cleaning of the parts to be brazed according to the standard requirements of the LNF Vacuum Group. Assembly of components and insertion in the furnace. Brazing cycle. Vacuum test of brazed components with He leak detector.

Internal part of the furnace with a cavity under brazing


LNF-INFN, Via E. Fermi 40 00044 Frascati (Rome, Italy)


Possible support form LNF-INFN technical experts for validation/checks of mechanical drawings of the components to be brazed and for cleaning/assembly procedures. The brazing cycle is followed by LNF personnel. Possible supports for leak test by LNF personnel.


David Alesini +390694038141