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LNL @ Padova

Chemistry Laboratory and clean rooms (Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro, PD)

Chemistry laboratory and clean room facility for cavity surface treatments and assembly.

Chemistry Lab:

Two chemistry laboratories are active in Legnaro. The main activities that can be performed are: preparation of surfaces for UHV systems assembly (ultrasonic degreasing, deoxidation, drying with solvents); surface preparation of components for subsequent braze welding in a high vacuum furnace; chemical and electrochemical polishing of the surface of copper and niobium components (resonant cavities, cryostats, detectors); treatments of low-melting alloys; studies of alternative chemical treatments; supply of ultrapure deionized water, ultra-cleaning of copper components from radioactive contaminants.

Chemical etching facility for QWR:

The chemical treatments of the surface of the RF cavity, removing damaged layers and/or possible surface contamination, is fundamental in order to improve cavity performance and mandatory before superconductive coating with thin film. The LNL chemistry laboratory is equipped with a semi-automatic facility, to perform different processes as washing, degreasing, chemical and electrochemical treatments and passivation, necessary for the surface finishing of QWR before the thin film coating.


Figure 1: Semi-automatic chemical plant for QWR treatments.
image2Figure 2: QWR during chemical treatments.
image3Figure 3: Electropolishing of elliptical Nb cavity.

Additional facilities available are: Chemical hood, semi-automatic plant for chemical treatments of small components, surface treatments of Copper and Niobium 6 GHz cavities (for fast and repeatable R&D). This facility includes moreover, surface machining, electro polishing, chemical etching of Nb and Cu 6 GHz resonators.

Figure 4: Niobium and Copper 6 GHz cavities.

Characterization Lab:

Close to chemistry lab there is a characterization laboratory. The available instrumentation is:

  • Diffractometer equipped for powder analysis, thin film analysis and Eulerian cradle.
  • Profilometer for surface topography analysis and roughness quantification.
  • Optical microscope
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX)

Clean Room:

An ISO 5 class clean room is available for cavity assembly.

image5Figure 5: ISO 5 clean room for cavity assembly.


INFN-LNL, viale dell’Università 2, 35020 Legnaro (Italy)


Giorgio Keppel,