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High Vacuum Treatments@LNL


High Vacuum Treatments @ INFN-Legnaro


Vacuum furnace dedicated to thermal treatments and vacuum brazing of accelerator components (Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro, Padova, Italy)

It has been conceived for research puroposes, as well as for constructing components of normal-conducting and superconducting accelerators.


Technical features

Maximum mass to be loaded: 1000 kg
Nominal vacuum conditions for routine treatments: 5×10-5÷1×10-6 mbar
Lowest achievable base pressure: 10-7 mbar
Maximum operational temperature: 1300°C
Useful maximum diameter of components to be treated: 1300 mm.
Maximum height of components to be treated: 1600 mm
Useful volume: around 2 m3.
With height expansion (option): maximum height 2100 mm, maximum volume  3 m3.
Access: vertical loading with lifted platform
Quick load cooling by argon/nitrogen inlet and dedicated heat exchanger.

Main recent achievements

Brazing of 11 modules of the IFMIF-Eveda RFQ (550 kg each), their 140 tuners, 2 RF couplers and 2 end-plates (pictures below)


Brazing of the covering plate of an INFN-LNL cryostat, annealing of stainless steel components for INFN-Padova, annealing of Cu components for INFN-Napoli (pictures below).


Futher achievements: components for the ESS DTL structure (INFN-LNL and INFN-Torino); charge breeder components for the SPES project (INFN-LNL); brazing of the prototype of an accelerating structure for the ELI-NP project (INFN-LNF).

Expertise and service

Cleaning procedure and optimal positioning of the components. Loading of the furnace. Furnace control for the required thermal process. In case of brazing, advice in the best brazing joint geometries and brazing material. Unload of the components. Pre-treatment and thermal treatment details are agreed upon with the customer.


INFN-LNL, viale dell’Università 2, 35020 Legnaro (Italy)


Paolo Favaron (Head of LNL Technical Division),