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LASA @ Milano

Vertical Test Station for magnets


Can accomodate magnets up to 700 mm dia x 6500 mm in length maximum weight 10 ton

Soon to be integrated by a 515 mm dia x 3300 mm vertical cryostat for medium-size magnets/samples

480 mm dia x 1200 mm, and other smaller cryostat

  • Max operating pressure 4.5 bar Thermal shield cooled by LN or evaporated GHe
  • Variable temperature for High Temperature Superconducting magnets tests is foreseen



            Mechanical Measurement Laboratory


Measurements of yield strength, Young’s modulus, section reduction, elongation, ultimate stress e strain are possible.

To this aim the following testing machines are used:


  • INSTRON mod. 6027, tensile and compression tests, according to the guidelines of ASTM EN-85, at room and cryogenic temperatures.
  • MTS mod. 810, toughness test according to the guidelines ASTM EN-85, at room and cryogenic temperatures.


Characteristics of the INSTRON testing machines mod. 6027


Max load capacity Load Cells Testing speed Control
+/- 200 kN +/- 200 kN

+/- 10 kN

+/- 100 kN

0.002 mm/min – 0.5 m/min Load/strain/position



Max. load  in tension Max. load in compression Temperature range He consumption
100 kN 50 kN 3-5 K (in liquid He)

77 k (in liquid N2)

3-300 K (in He gas flow)

3 l/h



Typical Dimensions Max. stroke Working Space
F=8 mm, l=109 mm 130 mm F=150 mm x 109 mm, tension

F=50 mm x 65 mm, compression

TestMagnet3 TestMagnet4

Characteristics of the MTS mod. 810 testing machine




Possible tests:

  • plane strain fracture toughness (Ki,c) following ASTM E399 e UNI 7969
  • thoughtness at the initiation of the crack growth (Ji,c) following ASTM E813
  • fatigue crack growth rate (da/dN) following ASTM E647, using C(T) type specimens.


Max. Frame load Load cells Specimen cage Specimen dimensions
+/- 250 kN +/- 250 kN 250 kN in tensione

+/- 125 kN LCF

62.5 x 60 x 25 mm



Temperature range  He consumption
2 – 300 K 1.5 l/h


Hydraulic circuit

Hydraulic power supply flow Hydraulic power supply pressure Stroke, max. Displacement – Frequency at 100 kN
63 l/min 210 bar +/- 250 kN 2.5 mm a 10 Hz