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LASA @ Milano

Vertical Test Station for RF cavities


  • Vertical Cryostat: A vertical cryostat (4 m deep, 700 mm wide) allows tests in liquid or superfluid He down to 1.8 K. The cooling power available is about 17 W at 2.0 K.

Clean Room ISO4 Class: Room with laminar flow without particulate according to the guidelines ISO-16644-1, class 4. The surface available is about 9 m2 equipped with particulate counter, nitrogen, helium and ultra-pure water. Cleaning of objects with ultra-pure water at 100 bar, filtered at 20 nm, is possible inside the room
Ultra-pure water production. For the needs of treatment of superconducting components, an ultra-pure water plant is available to produce water with resistivity at 18 MΩ cm. The water, from the public distribution system, is filtered with an Elix system, and then with a Millipore SuperQ. The rate of production of ultra-pure water is 10 l/min, while the Elix system provides 70 l/h. A 6000 l tank is a buffer to produce the 18 MΩ cm water.


  • RF Laboratory : To test the RF cavities, many RF instruments are available : amplifiers in different frequency:
    • 500-800 MHz (650 W)
    • 3 GHz (100W)
    • 9 GHz (200 W).

Spectrum analyzers, function generators, network analyzers.